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    NOTE: This website is a Bubble in the Bubble Map of the free-to-play massively-multiplayer online-and-offline matrix-building thoughtware-upgrade context-shift personal-transformation game called StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management. It is a doorway to experiments that upgrade your thoughtware so you can create more possibility. Your knowledge is what you think about. Your thoughtware is what you use to think with. When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself. Liquid states can bring up transformational feelings and emotions. By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness. No one can do this for you. No one can stop you from doing it. Our theory is that when we collectively build one million more Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Please choose responsibly to read this website. Reading this whole website is worth 1 Matrix Point. Doing any of the experiments earns you additional Matrix Points. Please use Matrix Code COMPLETE.00 to log your Matrix Points at https://login.startover.xyz/. Thank you for playing full out!











  • Running Through Life

    with incomplete communications.

    Those things

    You are running through life with an amazing amount of incomplete communications in our bodies. And those incomplete communications are big. They mostly show up in our 5 body system as incomplete mixed or unmixed emotions. Those incomplete emotions are silents things. They have a true thingyness about them. They are things that we carry around, like burdens on our shoulders or chains on our feet. They locking you to the ground, when really you are design to fly. They eat up your energy and attention when those could be directed to deliver our Destiny. They can even be the source of diseases or physical pains.

    Counting Enemies

    If you carry incomplete communication, you count your enemies in the morning and you have a good reason to live. You have secret conversations in your head where you prove to them that you are right and they are wrong, that they really hurt you, abandoned you, betrayed you. Your life becomes about proving yourself right, or proving them wrong. Your life because a giant revenge battlefield. Your revenge moves might be so subtle that you don't notice them as such. However, results don't lie. Some people spent their life mission taking revenge on their parents to prove to the world that their parents were bad parents. It is expensive to take on such a life mission without having a choice. By completing incomplete communication, you gain your capacity of choice back.

  • Incomplete Communications

    The Basics.

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    Where do they come from?

    A high numbness bar and an inability to feel

    When scratching under the surface of the relationship that modern culture (the culture that most of us are born in) has with feelings and emotions, it because obviously clear that feelings are considered as bad and negative things. It is not okay to feel either anger, sadness, fear or joy - or unless it is under absolutely exceptional circumstances such as death or birth and it is only accepted for a certain amount of time and intensity.


    Because feeling any feelings is consider dangerous, weak, childish, capricious, manipulative and so on, very young we are taught to raise our numbness bar very high so as to not feel. Our high numbness bar is the cause of incomplete communications.


    It happens like this: You are having a conversation with one of your parents, siblings, teachers, school friends, cousins, even with a complete stranger and they say something or do something that create a feeling in you. For example, one of your teacher makes a remark about your clothes in front of the whole class. You feel embarrassed which is a mixed emotions of anger, fear and sadness. Because of your high numbness bar that forbids expressing feelings and emotions, you cannot make the boundary necessary to reclaim your integrity. The unexpressed mixed emotions of anger, fear and sadness about this particular situation crystallize in your emotional body as a knot. This knot occupies your emotional but also intellectual, energetic and physical bodies until you complete this particular communication.


    This is how quickly and subtly incomplete communications are numerously created in our 5 body.

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    How do they show up?

    As crystallization in your four bodies ...

    • Incomplete communications crystallize in your intellectual body as stories that triggers emotions whenever circumstances get even a tiny bit close to the story that we carry. We call that projecting. When the circumstances matches somehow the story that has been crystallized by the incomplete communication, the story-movie starts playing in your life. You become an actor in a predetermined movie. You become a mechanical answer to the stimulus.
    • Incomplete communications crystallize in your energetic body as 1) blocks to a natural and efficient flow of energy through you and 2) an overuse of your energy to keep suppressing the emotions that are showing themselves to finally be completed. This would be characterized by a tiredness, chronic fatigue, difficulties to go to sleep, being in hyper-mode, ...
    • Incomplete communications crystallize in your physical body as tensions in your muscles, cramps, nerves ending pain, unhealed wounds, lose or gain of weight, in OCD behaviors such as biting your nails, picking your skin, eating your hair, etc...
    • Incomplete communications crystallize in your emotional body as incomplete emotions which is explained in more details below (i.e. Mixed Emotions). The completing process found below is called Completing Incomplete Emotions because we use the information and energy of the emotions to go back in time to the precise moment when the incomplete communications happened and complete it then. Your emotions are your gateways to your healing process.
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    How do they show up?

    Crystallized as Mixed Emotions ...

    Incomplete emotions show up either in 'pure' form - pure anger, pure sadness, pure fear, pure joy (yes emotional joy is a thing and a lot more common than most people think!) or in 'mixed' form - depression, isolation, despair, embarrassment, guilt, shame, resentment, jealousy, hatred, aggression, hysteria, nervous breakdown, recklessness, hopelessness, helplessness, etc... Find a more extensive list here (this is a topic very much in a research state): http://unmixemotions.mystrikingly.com/


    Our emotional literacy being so poor, we have not learn to inner navigate our feelings and emotions in their pure form. As a disempowering mechanism we mix our emotions to destroy our clarity about the situation. Mixing emotions is a very effective disempowerment strategy because it really works. When you feel guilty or jealous, there's nothing much you can do about your emotional state but wait till it goes by and wait in anxiety about when it will be triggered next. Not until you start unmixing the emotions mashup together that you will reclaim your clarity and therefore your power.


    From experience, we have notice that when emotions stay mixed, they tend to not heal, as they can never really be completely heard and therefore completed. Therefore, the pure form of anger, sadness, fear and joy are the most effective form of emotion to heal incomplete communications.

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  • Completing Incomplete Emotions- The Healing Process

    As mentioned above, the healing process for incomplete communication is called Completing Incomplete Emotions.You use your emotions - either in their pure or in their mixed form - as gateway to the incomplete communications. Here, you will find the steps and descriptions of how to go through this healing process.Below in the experiments you will find hints about how, where and when to provide this healing process for yourself and for others.




    Make time for yourself to do this process. About 20 minutes for each person. It is not recommendable to complete more than 3 or 4 incomplete communications at one given time.


    The point is not to complete every incomplete communications that you had in your life. For starters, it is impossible to be completely rid of incomplete communications. Even people who have been doing 20+ years of transformation and healing, still carry in them their next layer of incomplete communications. And secondly, your nervous system and your matrix can only hold so much transformation at one given time. Transformation has a speed limit.


    Regularly making space and time to complete the 3 or 4 incomplete communications bubbling at the surface is a much more sustainable practice.



    Like most healing processes, you cannot do this one alone. Like Werner Erhard said "Healing happens in public". It doesn't have to be a big public, one person is enough.


    Find one person who is willing to hold space for you during this process. You can tell them that there job will be to take on the role of someone whom with you have an incomplete communication and repeat back what they heard you say. You can also offer them the possibility to experience the relief and relaxation that comes with completing an incomplete emotion.


    If both partners decide to go through this healing process, then simply follow the instruction below and go back and forth between you two. One person starts and the other holds space. Then change role, the first person becomes the space holder and the second person completes their incomplete emotion.



    The person who decides to go first would then close their eyes and scan in their four bodies for an emotional knot - it can show up as a physical tension, a story in your head, a block in your energetic body or an emotion in your emotional body.


    There could be a lot of impulses coming up. Simply pick one. The first one or the biggest one.


    Let the sensation of it get bigger.

    At some point, you might get an image or a memory popping up of an interaction with somebody.

    Then, tell you partner who they are role playing by saying for example: "You are my second grade teacher, Ms. Rosaly", or "You are my uncle, Christian", or "You are my childhood best friend, Kate." Whoever you need to complete this incomplete emotions.


    Your partner spin around on themselves and take on the energy of that person to become them. After their spin, your partner says : "I am (such or such)."



    Let the sensation get bigger.

    Let the emotions come back into your body.

    Then look at the person across from you and say:

    "I feel (mad/sad/glad/scared) because ..."

    Be very clear and specific about what you are angry/sad/scared/glad about that you couldn't tell them back then.

    As much as possible, make short sentences containing only emotion at a time.

    And feel the emotion while you are saying it. It is very important to feel the emotion and not just talk about it. Talking about it will not complete the communication. The completion doesn't only happen in your mind, but in all four bodies.


    Keep saying what you are angry/sad/scared/glad about until you come to the end of the first 'layer'.



    If you notice that you are mixing two or more emotions together, like for example, sadness and anger, unmix them into their pure form.

    (Explanation for how to unmix emotions can be found here at the Unmix Emotions Bubble.)

    The unmixing of emotions doesn't have to be done all the way. Unmixing the first layers might be as far as you or your partner can go.



    When you have come to the end of the first layer of the incomplete communication, pause.

    Your partner who is role-playing this person whom who had an incomplete communication with will speak now.

    The job of the role-player is to complete the communication through completion loops.

    When doing completion loops, the role-player only repeat back what they heard you say without a spin, a story or a special tone of voice.

    The role-player does not need to repeat every sentence they've heard word-for-word.

    There job is to repeat the essentials of the communication that was not said previously.


    Extra: it can happen that the person role-playing might get some inside information from the person they are role-playing, about why they acted like that or said that back then. It is up to the role-player to decide whether they share this information during the process. These kind of information can be transformational. AND this process is not to fall into a discussion.



    After the first layer of communication is completed, you will experience a sense of relief.

    Then either:

    1. There is another layer to the communication that you need to complete. Go back to step 4.

    2. The communication is complete. Simply say 'Thank you'. Have your partner spin on themselves to leave their role and come back to themselves.


    One Completing Incomplete Emotion Process takes between 5 and 10minutes per communication. No longer.


    IMPORTANT: if it seems like the communication is not been completed despite completion loop, it is possible that the source of the knot is deeper and bigger. In this case, Completing Incomplete Emotions is not the correct healing tool. Recommend to this person to bring this knot themselves to a Possibility Coaching, an Expand The Box Training, a Possibility Lab. Have them choose another incomplete communication to do with you right now.



    When the first person has completed their first incomplete communication, then the second person gets a chance to do that starting all the way from Step 3.


    Go back and forth like this for about 30-40min or 3 incomplete communications per person.



    COMPLETE.01: First Completing Incomplete Emotion

    COMPLETE.02: Second Completing Incomplete Emotion

    COMPLETE.03: Third Completing Incomplete Emotion

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  • Experiments

    We've got you covered with a bunch of amazing experiments to try alone or with your Possibility Team!

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    COMPLETE.04: Lower your Numbness Bar.

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    COMPLETE.05: Unmixed Your Emotions...

    ... while completing your Incomplete Emotions.

    The offer is then while you are completing your incomplete communication, and feeling the feelings you could not feel back when the communication was cut, unmix your emotions.

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    COMPLETE.06: Cycle Through All Four Feelings

    ongoingly at low intensity.

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    COMPLETE.07: Practice Completion Loop

    as the space holder.

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    COMPLETE.08: Learn to hold space.

    COMPLETE.09: Make time and space for two.

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    COMPLETE.10: Hold space for Complete Incomplete Emotions in Possibility Team.

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    COMPLETE.11: Hold space for an evening work-talk.

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    COMPLETE.12: Hold space for a workshop.